Korra panel meet-up in line tonight!!

Hello everyone!  Jackiecello23 here.  :)

I hope you all had an amazing first day at San Diego Comic Con!  I know I did!  So tomorrow is the Legend of Korra panel, in Ballroom 20 at 11:15am.  I am hoping to line at tonight around 3:00am for it.  This might sound early, but keep in mind the Community   fans as well as the eager Firefly fans will also be lining up tonight for Ballroom 20.  I met someone on line today who is getting there at 11:00pm!  

I can’t do that, but I will be getting there dressed as Korra at 3 (hopefully). I am bringing my laptop as well as the four-part ATLA Sozin’s Comet Finale, and everyone is welcome to join me on line to watch it!  If you’d like my number so you can find me, please send me a private message tonight so I can give it to you!

Here is a picture of my mostly-complete Korra cosplay for reference.


I hope to meet many of you there!!!!! :D

EDIT: will actually be getting there around MIDNIGHT.  I won’t be able to send you my number, but I’ll have a chair and purple blanket!

SDCC Korra Panel - Friday the 13th (yep)

11:15-12:15 Join the Revolution! Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra The cast and crew of Legend of Korra offer an in-depth discussion of Nickelodeon’s hottest new series. Executive producer and creator team Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino (Avatar: The Last Airbender) are joined by co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos (Avatar: The Last Airbender) as they discuss the creative process that brought the first book in the Korra series to life. You’ll also get to hear from your favorite characters as talented voice actors Janet Varney (Korra), David Faustino (Mako), P. J. Byrne (Bolin) and Seychelle Gabriel (Asami) will be featured on the panel and renowned voice director Andrea Romano (Avatar: The Last Airbender) will direct the actors in a live performance from the series. And if you’re extra nice, Mike and Bryan may even drop a hint or two about Book 2. So don’t miss out! Moderated by Rich Magallanes, senior VP of current series for Nickelodeon. Ballroom 20

Official Korra panel description from the Comic Con website!

And if you’re extra nice, Mike and Bryan may even drop a hint or two about Book 2.”

Aren’t they cute when they tease us?:P