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Less than a week until Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fans are re-energized by San Diego Comic Con. Here are some points of interest for A:TLA and Korra fans.

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Bros do bros makeup :3


Bros do bros makeup :3

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So I’m posting a bunch of photos and liveblogging-type things on my personal tumblr


Will still try to reblog stuff here but I’m being kinda bad about it right now :P

Also Jenny is planning to do a detailed liveblog of the Korra panel, so check that out!


(I suck at those myself…has something to do with my horrible note-taking skills, I’m sure)

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Hello everyone!  Jackiecello23 here.  :)

I hope you all had an amazing first day at San Diego Comic Con!  I know I did!  So tomorrow is the Legend of Korra panel, in Ballroom 20 at 11:15am.  I am hoping to line at tonight around 3:00am for it.  This might sound early, but keep in mind the Community   fans as well as the eager Firefly fans will also be lining up tonight for Ballroom 20.  I met someone on line today who is getting there at 11:00pm!  

I can’t do that, but I will be getting there dressed as Korra at 3 (hopefully). I am bringing my laptop as well as the four-part ATLA Sozin’s Comet Finale, and everyone is welcome to join me on line to watch it!  If you’d like my number so you can find me, please send me a private message tonight so I can give it to you!

Here is a picture of my mostly-complete Korra cosplay for reference.

I hope to meet many of you there!!!!! :D

EDIT: will actually be getting there around MIDNIGHT.  I won’t be able to send you my number, but I’ll have a chair and purple blanket!

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Ben Wynn and Jeremy Zuckerman (The Track Team) will participate in a panel titled. I “Can’t Write, I Can’t Draw, But I Love Comics!” at SDCC ~

July 12th

3:00-4:00 I Can’t Write, I Can’t Draw, But I Love Comics!— Just because you missed out on the writing and drawing genes doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you in the comics, animation, and gaming industries. Companies still need managers, publishers, producers, directors, mo-cap and voice-over actors, game masters, and programmers. Panelists Scott Agostoni (manager of comic creators and comics expert), animation/motion capture supervisor Derron Ross (Blur Studio), gaming CEO Mike Fischer (Square Enix), composer Jeremy Zuckerman (Legend of Korra), sound designer Benjamin Wynn (Avatar the Last Airbender), and film/mo-cap actor Joseph Gatt (J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 2), will alert you to some of these careers and tell you how to find your niche. Moderated by Susan Karlin (Fast Company). Room 32AB


Also, to update fans with small children. If you need a stroller, SDCC has to ban them from panel rooms. The Fire Marshall will not allow strollers inside programming rooms. This includes 2, 4, 5AB, 6A, 6BCF, 6DE, 7AB, 8, 11AB, 23ABC, 24ABC, 25ABC, 26AB, 28E, 32AB, Ballroom 20, and Hall H.

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RIP Gisella G, my thoughts go out to her family.

Guys, if you’re attending the con this weekend, please be careful.

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To get you all psyched for Comic Con: 

“Last Comic Con” by the yours truly.

Music video later this summer!!! (maybe…)

(^thank god for auto tune.)


i made this track last summer, but never really got around to uploading it. but with comic con season right around the corner, i figured “why not?” I think i might go back and rework some of the wording and timing, but still, it’s pretty awesome if i may say so myself.

here are the lyrics in case you can’t understand what i’m saying:

A stroomtrooper’s in my bed,
There’s a pounding my head
Posters all over the room
and some action figures too 
I smell like a comic store
Batman’s passed out on the floor
TV’s playing some cartoon

and i’m dressed like sailor moon

Pics  from day to day

are all on display

on facebook

you’ll see

so many uploads

it’ll fill up your news feed


Last comic con
Yeah we ran around the hall  
took a picture with darth maul

bought a giant pokeball

Last comic con
Yeah we maxed our credit cards
met a couple movie stars
then made fun of the twihards

Last comic con

Stood in panel lines all day
And went to the masquerade
Won’t be sleeping till Monday

Last comic con
Bought our tickets for next year
In 12 months we’ll be back here

At comic con
Do it all again
This comic con
Do it all again

Hey look there goes Tony Stark

can’t remember where we parked

Think somebody stole my badge

Stan Lee’s signing autographs

Bunch of ladies barely dressed

Gamers doing beta tests

Need some advil and coffee

Man this costume’s killing me


Song Credits: “TGIF” by Katy Perry

Lyrics: by The Cake Crusader aka Andi Candy.

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Just when you think you have it all mapped out, there is more for Avatar Fans at SDCC. A few things have changed for our own panel, and there has been another autograph announcement.

 There are many panels for Avatar/Korra fans to enjoy. Not to mention various photo shoots and meetings. I believe some fans are still trying to organize an after hours gathering. If I hear more, I will definitely post a message on twitter.

 Avatar Legacy Fan Panels is very excited to welcome artist team Gurihiru to our panel on Saturday. They will join the panel discussion and be available for the Q&A.

 After the Avatar Fan Panel in 28E, head over to the Dark Horse Booth (2615) for your chance to get yet another autograph. Gurihiru will be there with the Avatar creators, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Ki Hyun Ryu. The autograph session requires a ticket. The tickets are free, but like any lottery, it’s a game of chance. I am not sure when they will start handing them out or when they will call the winning ticket numbers. I suggest stopping by the booth the day before the drawing to ask.

 The autograph session after the Nickelodeon Korra panel on Friday does not require a ticket, but it is first come first serve. Also, they only have a certain amount of time for the autographs, so they do end the line at a certain point. Otherwise the line would wrap around the convention center and then some. Try to be at the Nick booth (4113) early enough to secure a place in line, and then expect to be there for a little while.  

 To help you navigate some of your Avatar experiences at SDCC:

 Official SDCC Quick Links






Do you need to familiarize yourself with the convention floor plan?


Are you headed to the fan panel? Check out 28E on the upper level <3


To follow all our the wonderful people sitting on our fan panel

 DJ Welch’s blog http://darkkenjie.deviantart.com/

 Bobby Rubio’s Blog http://barrypresh.deviantart.com/

 Gurihiru Blog http://gurihiru.blogspot.com/

 Kevin’s Blog http://alternatecoppa.deviantart.com/

 Dante’s Blog http://dantebasco.com/

 Racebending’s Blog http://www.racebending.com/v4/

 … and then, even more great places to find Avatar love and more:

Dee Bradley’s Blog http://www.deebaker.com/

Racebending’s Blog http://www.racebending.com/v4/

Dark Horse Blog http://www.darkhorse.com/Blog/1024/sdcc-2012-signings

Bryan Blog http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/

Michael DiMartino Blog http://michaeldantedimartino.tumblr.com/